Do Small Businesses Need a CRM?

When a small business is a start-up many may ask the question.  Do we need a software or platform for customer relationship management (CRM)? The truth is that no matter the size of the company or project, a CRM tool is essential for proper development. CRM helps a small business enter the market with more power and gain visibility, and allows the small business to create and strengthen relationships with customers. Keeping customers satisfied will allow them to be loyal, which is something tremendously valuable to any business.


Business Start-ups in 2020

Entrepreneurial ventures have seen resurgence in wake of the current economic scene. The number of sprouting start-ups is increasing by the day and there is news that these numbers will grow even further.


How to Pick the Right VoIP Provider

Voice based internet service providers are ideal for small businesses due to the cost advantages they provide along with additional features that facilitate easy communication.


What is an Incubator of Business Ideas

When an infant is born before term, you must remain in an incubator. But babies who require special attention are not the only ones who have to go through an incubation period: It’s the year 2020 and Entrepreneurs are launching start-ups from incubators.


Simple Concepts to Help Raise Sales

They say that when we don’t know about something, we buy based on the price. Business owner’s responsibility is to educate their customers on what they sell and give enough information to value what they are buying.


Fitness during the 2020 pandemic

According to the American Heart Association, adults should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, or a minimum of 75 minutes of a vigorous workout plan a week (Forni 2020). So how exactly are our abilities to work out effectively being constrained by this pandemic?

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